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The TrimLine Program

Uniquely Designed for Your Lasting Results!

How It Works

A Holistic, Hands-On Approach for Your Wellness

With TrimLine the true change emerges for life we are not looking to create repeat customers, rather lifelong success stories!

Step 1:

Book Your FREE Consultation 

Private and safe space, where we just talk. Then through the one-on-one conversation we can decide together the best way to move forward.

Step 2:

Connect with Your Concierge Specialist

Your specialist will educate and clarify the myths and confusing information. Together a program will be created based on your habits, daily routine, life and your specific health needs.

Personal Attention +

No Deprivation =

Life Long Success

Step 3:

Discover Your True Self

Stay accountable and attain tools to crush your goals by exploring and answering YOUR why’s, how’s, when and what’s,

Get out of the “it’ll never happen” mindset and into the “I believe in myself” mindset.

Step 4:

Create Your Forever Healthy Body & Mind

Sustain and apply all the knowledge and tools to your everyday life so you can say Good-bye to the diet culture and yo-yo dieting.

How Your Journey Looks

3 Easy and Effective Components:

The Consultation, The Coaching and The Maintenance Follow-Up

The Consultation

You will meet your health coach in a safe space to share your goals, your struggles and "why" you want to lose weight & get healthy.

During the consult, we will get a baseline of where you’re at today and where you see your future self.

Your coach will create the best program that meets your needs physically and emotionally.

This is the opportunity to make an educated decision to make your health and yourself a priority!

The Coaching

Look in the Mirror with Confidence and SEE Yourself in your new healthy body!

We pride ourselves on being equal parts detective, motivator, and accountability coach during your 1:1 counseling. We fuse evidence-based nutrition with empathic counseling to create a program as unique as you.

With guidance you will stop nurturing your emotions with food. We believe ALL foods are accepted, no deprivation.

You need to eat the foods you love to sustain a realistic lifestyle...Guilt-Free!

Our goal is to help you break from fad diets for a complete mental freedom.

The Maintenance Follow-Up

After you succeed through the program and reach your health goals, we will transition to a maintenance mindset.

Our on-going monthly coaching session will keep you on track Because it's easy to fall back into bad habits and for the unexpected to derail you.

TrimLine provides a strong support system, with long-term follow up for you to be at peace mentally and love the body you live in...for life!

The TrimLine Difference

We recognize, more than ever, people are looking for counseling, guidance, and solutions particularly during these challenging times.

Most people know what to do, but the problem is sticking to it long enough to see results. Mindset is the big component missing in most weight loss programs. We all know what to do, the problem is ACTUALLY doing it! Mindset is the key to actually reaching your goal and keeping it off for good!

  • Highly-Personal Coaching: We have helped OVER 450,000 clients reach their health goals. With evolving information, we have the education & expertise to simplify and empower you. 

  • Easy to follow program: other fad diets are too strict and confusing. We want you to learn at your own pace, eat the food you crave and for it not to be time consuming (life is busy!) 

  • Mind Power: We set you up mentally to change your relationship with food and gain control over stress and emotional eating, it CAN & WILL BE DONE!

The Essential Part

We strive to empower and change the relationship with yourself. Through education and counseling, we will bring you to the self-realization that the




🌟 Real Everyday People. Real Results. 🌟

Read some of our testimonials of real people who have turned their lives around forever.

The only difference between you and our successful clients is that they stopped putting themselves on the back burner and you have not

You can change that today!

Jess's weight loss story

Karen's weight loss story

R.J.'s weight loss story

Hear how Mark went from a 46 waist to a 34!

Find out how Shelby lost 96 lbs and kept it off!

Learn how Ed and Rose lost 130 lbs together!

A Healthier You, Physically and Mentally, is

Just a Click Away! 

Our core focus is helping you keep the weight off for life!

What do you need help with most right now?

TrimLine clients lose an average of 14 pounds in their first 6 weeks, but what's most important: we focus on helping you build habits that sustain your weight loss for a lifetime!

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