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What is Your Health Really Worth?

October 07, 20223 min read

What is Your Health Really Worth?

If you had to put a dollar figure on your health, what would it be? We’re talking about one figure that expresses how much you value feeling good, looking great, and fighting off diseases that could one day threaten your life. If it’s difficult to settle on one figure, that’s because you have probably never thought about your health as something you can buy.

Losing weight and then maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, and it requires a financial investment. Whether it’s counted in nourishing foods, a gym membership, or a nutrition plan, it’s an investment that we all make but think little about.

When a TrimLine representative appeared on Good Day PA in 2019, she made a good argument for valuing your health as much as your smartphone. Today, we want to revive that concept and explore it in more detail.

Is Your Health Worth More Than Your Phone?

How much do you pay every year to own a smartphone? What would it look like to spend a comparable amount on products and services that improve your health?

The average cost of a consumer smartphone has been over $500 since 2018. There is no expectation of that average cost lowering in the years to come. As technology improves, you could argue that prices are likely to get even higher for the most in-demand phones. Consumers now have the option of paying the full price of a phone upfront or signing up for an installment plan that will increase the cost of the phone by the time all payments are made.

Adding to that initial cost is the expense of ongoing cell service. Most consumers are now paying anywhere from $50 to $80 a month, and some plans go over $100 a month. That’s before taxes and regulatory fees, and some consumers pay even more for those installment plans or phone rental services.

Would You Pay That for Your Health, Too?

Consumers are now paying over $100 a month for service in addition to the upfront expense of buying the phone. If you multiply $100 by 12 and then add the average cost of a smartphone ($500), that’s a minimum investment of $1,700 per year.

Chances are high that you’re paying even more than that!

If you have your cellphone bill on hand or know what you typically pay each month, multiply that figure by 12 to see how much you’re paying annually for that convenience. Then ask yourself two important questions:

Is your health also worth that much of an investment?

What would happen to your body if you invested that amount in health products and services every year?

The good news is that losing weight, improving your overall health, and boosting your self-confidence doesn’t have to rival your cellphone when it comes to budgeting. TrimLine allows you to take control of your weight and health for $80 a month or less.

You pay your phone bill every month because it’s a valuable resource that you need to thrive in our modern world. The truth is that your body is even more valuable, and you can’t thrive in the world without it. The question is whether you’re currently assigning your health the value it truly deserves.

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