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Weight Loss Success Story: Ed and Rose Lost 130 Pounds Together

October 07, 20222 min read

Weight Loss Success Story: Ed and Rose Lost 130 Pounds Together

We have another TrimLine success story to share with you today. Ed and Rose came to TrimLine after learning about the success others had with the program. Together, they lost a spectacular 130 pounds after fully committing to change their lifestyle together.

Let’s look at their weight loss motivation to see what prompted them to step into such an amazing life transformation. The health and medical improvements they’ve experienced through weight loss are quite intriguing as well.

Ed and Rose’s Motivation to Start

Rose had been struggling with her weight for many years, and Ed knew that she was unhappy with her appearance. When their granddaughter was born, Rose decided that she didn’t want to be an “old, fat grandma.” She also was worried that kids would laugh at her due to her weight. Her status as grandma became her biggest motivation to make positive lifestyle changes and lose weight.

Ed suggested they explore TrimLine because he heard that others in their social circle had succeeded with the program. That was 130 pounds ago, and a lot has changed for the couple besides their pant sizes. Let’s look at the medical benefits Ed has enjoyed.

Benefits of Weight Loss for Ed and Rose

Prior to starting the TrimLine program, Ed was pre-diabetic and took blood pressure medication daily. After losing weight and transforming his lifestyle, Ed was taken off all of his prescription medication and was no longer classified as pre-diabetic.

Instead of moving forward to an official diabetes diagnosis like so many people, Ed was able to get his blood sugar and pressure under control through nutrition. Those results are perhaps as glorious as Rose’s new acceptance and love for her own body.

If you’re ready to start working toward your own success story, contact us today. We look forward to talking to you during your free initial consultation.

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