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Sustainable Weight Loss is a State of Mind

October 07, 20223 min read

Sustainable Weight Loss is a State of Mind

In order to gain control over your food choices, you have to gain control over your emotions. Research has shown a clear correlation between positive or negative emotions and the types of food that people choose to eat. For instance, one study found that first-year college students were more likely to eat meat or protein when experiencing negative emotions and sweets when experiencing positive emotions.

We all have comfort foods that we reach for when life gets hard. Stress eating is so ingrained that it’s difficult to overcome, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Recognizing when the following mental blocks strike will help you get your emotions and food choices under control.

5 Weight Loss Mental Blocks

Mindset of Deprivation

Depriving yourself of something is the best way to make sure you want it even more. The moment you think something is bad or off limits, you’re likely to experience cravings that intensify until you cave and indulge. It’s as if the human mind focuses on the one thing it can’t have.

The solution is to stop thinking of foods as good and bad. Focus on creating balance in your diet. Stick to foods that nourish and energize your body most of the time, and then allow yourself the occasional treat. What you eat on a consistent basis reflects in your weight far more than foods you enjoy on special occasions or only when an intense craving strikes.

All or Nothing Thinking

Don’t expect to go full force into an intense diet or nutrition program without emotional and mental resistance. No matter how excited you at the starting line, there will come times when you’re stressed out, emotional, or celebrating a special occasion. Those are the times when it’s easy to go off plan.

What happens after you go off plan? If you’re like most people, you assume you’ve blown it and ditch the entire plan. You will one day restart yet again, right?

The solution to all or nothing thinking is to baby step your way to a sustainable program. You don’t have to change your entire diet and start exercising daily all at once. Identify the first small step towards your goal and master that before adding the next small step.

When you slip up or choose to splurge, get right back to your baby steps. Give yourself time to master each new habit or skill before adding another.

Too-Tough Self-Love

Love yourself. Put yourself first for once. When you slip up, don’t come down hard on yourself. Show yourself some compassion and respect because that will allow you to get right back to the plan rather than drowning in negative emotions about your failures.

Exercise Over Nutrition

Did you know that about 80% of weight loss results come from nutrition? The other 20% or so comes from exercise and enhanced daily activity levels. There is no way to exercise your way out of a diet of junk food and other bad choices.

The solution here is simple: Commit fully to a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle and body. There are no corners to cut when it comes to nutrition.

Doing It All Alone

Finally, thinking that you can lose weight on your own may lead you to one dead end after the other. How many times have you tried to create your own plan or just give up all the foods you love overnight? How many times have those on-my-own strategies failed?

The solution to this weight loss mental block is easy: Contact TrimLine to schedule your free consultation. We offer the one-on-one support that you need to succeed with weight loss. We even offer monthly payments to make investing in your health affordable.

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