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Eating Healthy without Boredom

October 07, 20222 min read

Eating Healthy without Boredom Simple Strategies to Make Nutritious Food Fun

How long does it take you to get bored with healthy eating? If you’re like most people, you find yourself eating the same foods and following the same recipes week after week. Before long, your mind is drifting to the restaurant across town or your favorite comfort foods from the past.

You want to stay on track for a healthier body, so how do you keep your meals nutritious without yawning at the dinner table? We have a few tips that will help you create deliciously nutritious meals at home.

Play with Herbs and Spices

If you’re ever bored with your weight loss meal plan, we encourage you to take a field trip to your local supermarket’s baking aisle. You’ve no doubt walked down this aisle a few hundred times, but have you ever stopped to really note the wide variety of spices, herbs, vinegars, and oils now available?

If you want to explore even more, head over to the fresh produce department and check out the fresh herbs available there. Pick out a few that you’ve never tried and find a way to use them in the next day or two. It’s a challenge that will encourage you to have some fun in the kitchen and perhaps add a new flavor to your favorite foods.

Are you worried that you won’t know how to combine herbs and spices properly? There are many free guides to pairing spices and herbs available online.

Take the Fun a Step Further

If you really want to make healthy cooking more fun, try growing fresh herbs at home. You can get it started in a weekend or in a single day if you use one of the many kitchen herb kits available.

Explore New Proteins

What is the protein most likely to appear on your plate tonight? What about tomorrow night? If you tend to eat the same proteins over and over, you’re going to experience boredom at some point. That’s why we suggest trying something new at least occasionally.

You may need to learn how to make a drool-worthy turkey burger that reminds you of a restaurant-quality hamburger. What about jumping on the plant-based trend and making a faux chicken patty out of chickpeas? Exploring fish recipes is another option if you tend to stick with chicken most of the time.

Dress Up Your Plate

Our final tip is to spend a little extra time making your food look good on the plate. Even simple health foods can look beautiful and enticing with the right presentation. Find ways to use fresh fruits, spiral-cut veggies, boiled eggs, and other simple foods as fun garnishes.

If you want professional guidance to keep your healthy meal plan on track, contact us to discuss our monthly membership option.

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